Annuity Lead Generation | How To Implement Effective Annuity Lead Generation

How To Implement Effective Annuity Lead Generation

The best way to sell more annuities is to implement some kind of annuity lead generation. A lead is someone who is within the service’s target market, so whether you are using the internet, telephone, direct mail, or any other advertising medium, you shouldn’t waste your time and money marketing to people who don’t want or can’t use your service.

By doing a lot of research on your target market, you can tailor your marketing strategies to draw their undivided attention to what your service can do for them. For instance, if you find that 70% of your targeted audience have subscriptions to the local paper, it may be wise to place an ongoing ad in that particular paper.

It doesn’t matter how many features you can include in an annuity plan, if there’s no indication that the features serve as beneficial to the client, they won’t want to purchase them. Make sure that as you describe the different aspects of your annuities, you also remember to explain how these features add value to the prospect.

A good way to prepare yourself to sell annuity plans is to write down every single benefit you can associate with each feature that can be included in the annuities you are selling. When you speak to a client, you’re more likely to recall the benefits that will suit them.

It’s really not that effective to market financial services the same way as other products. Being such an essential service means that annuity target markets are simply saturated with one ad after another, usually resulting in expensive brochures and advertisements being thrown away.

Rather, an annuity lead generator is a marketing strategy that gets people to come to you over and over again. This annuity lead generation is usually found in the form of booklets, informational guides, blogs, and other such content-rich items. These tools will help to sell your annuities, although are not meant to appear as such.

You no longer have to advertise your annuities with a lead generator. Instead, you advertise the informational guide you’ve created to attract people who are genuinely interested in annuities. This is how to capture contact details and begin building your list of targeted leads.

You’ll want the prospect to respond to an add with no obligation. So, it should read something like call (24 hours) and leave your address for a free copy of our booklet. Make sure that you have a toll free number that captures the prospects phone number.

Once you have your annuity lead generator in place, you need to keep a systematic approach to following up with your leads. According to statistics, it can take something like 17 calls before a sale is finalized, so ensure you are completely organized when contacting your annuity leads.

Another thing to remember before making an investment in any annuity lead generation tool is to test everything out on a smaller scale. Anything that doesn’t indicate profit on a small scale is not likely to show profit on a larger scale. Running tests may take up some time, but at least you will waste a minimal amount of money if the strategy you’re testing is ineffective.

So, essentially, there are five important steps to follow in order to generate as many annuity leads as you can. They are: finding and researching your target market; identifying the full range of the annuities’ benefits; creating an annuity lead generation tool; applying a follow up strategy; and running tests.

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