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Sales Lead Generation Tips For Success

Any sales person in any industry will say the same thing: you can have a great week but then you need to go do it all over again. Success is short lived, and the struggle to find a reliable, profitable stream of qualified sales lead generation is difficult. Just getting a bunch of names isn’t enough. You need to get names of people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

In some industries, your present client and customer base are the first place sales reps look for sales lead generation and add on business. As far as revenue streams are concerned, there’s no difference in selling to a new client or an existing customer. If you sell a product or service where you keep records of your customers’ names and contact information, this is a very profitable way to get get add on business and referrals.

The closer you are to your customers, the better. If you work  for a large firm with little contact, your chances of being able to reconnect with your customers at a later date is pretty slim. You are hoping that the company does enough advertising to gain enough call in traffic so you can at least make your quota.

No matter what line of business you’re in, there’s nothing like handing out business cards. It’s simple and it’s effective. Don’t just hand out one, hand out a few. And naturally getting a card in return provides a new lead. When you make a sale, hand over a few cards that your new customer can share with friends and family. Business cards are usually saved because people realize they never know when they might have a need for what you have. If you happen to repair air conditioners and you’re handing out cards at a holiday party, your phone might be very busy the following July simply as a result of your successful lead generating efforts from seven months before!

Of course, not everyone wants to or can wait seven months for business to pick up. If you have tapped your present customer and client base for add on business (which you should do a few times a year anyway), and you have asked for and contacted more referrals, and you still need to find more hot leads, you might need to resort to actually buying some leads.

Buying leads can get expensive. Some industries do find a lot of success with buying leads, and there are many companies that have been around for quite some time that do nothing but acquire qualified sales leads and sell them to certain industries such as insurance, finance, real estate, and construction.

Of course, there is no guarantee how “qualified” these leads might be. There is no set industry standard for these marketing and research companies as to how they can classify leads. These leads could be as cold as they come, or they could actually turn into short term paying repeat customers.

But before plunking down thousands of dollars on a bunch of names, ask where their leads come from and how long the names have been in the database. Testing sales lead generation companies is a must for any lead buyer.

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